Component Development / Tips & Tricks -Replay

I had several problems recording the Component Development / Tips & Ticks Session.      I would have liked to edit this, but every time I tried the quality was reduced or the file size increased.      So here is the original raw recording with all the rough edges expected in a live presentation.  

Direct Download  Size:  147 MB


  1. First, thanks for doing this. I will rarely be able to participate in live sessions, so if you are able to do future sessions, I hope you will continue making them available for replay.

    One of your participants asked about starting Delphi with or without the
    “last-worked-on-project” being automatically opened. If I recall correctly, this is controlled by the IDE’s start-up parameter switch -np. Delphi’s start-up options are hard to find and not fully explained in the Help files, so look for “IDE Command Line Switches and Options” in Delphi Help.

    As for comments on the format: Two hours was a bit long. One hour of intensive focus on one topic would have been better for me. The info on design editors was way too rushed. I went through it twice and got very little out of it. And, of course, the keyboard shortcuts presentation would have been far more effective if the presenter’s demos would have worked under his machine and Delphi configurations.

    Again, my thanks for taking this on.

    • 2 Hours is the typical length of the Salt Lake City Delphi Users Group Meetings. Since this initial meeting replaced that meeting we were trying to keep the format similar. In the future the meeting contents will be dictate the length of the meeting so each will be different. I can see doing several 1 hour in length. Q/A will change the length of each meeting, but I don’t want to remove it in fact I want more of it, as it allows for group interaction.

      I agree the information on the Design Editors was very very rushed, I was running into the 2 hour limit I had created for the meeting. I did not want to keep it longer than people expected.

      I plan to do an interview series as well and this format will be 45 minutes or less. With the ability of Questions to be asked from the audience.

  2. Please be aware of the “uh-uh-uh” verbal tick you make while presenting.

    The idea of the virtual group is wonderful but the “uh-uh-uh” made it a bit hard to listen to.

    • I am very aware of that. It’s something I have worked on for years. Short of writing a script before I start I have not been able to deal with it. When writing a scripts I end up spending many more hours than I have to prepare and get something ready.

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