New Host

Although I should have realized this, sometimes you just make mistakes!


They had a cheap unlimited hosting and since this  site is hosting video downloads I realized I needed good bandwidth.

But it was traded poor performance on the server, and very poor support that just point the finger back at me.

After disabling all of the wordpress plug-ins that they said could be causing the problem, I still would see PHP errors about  80% of the time when I visited this site.   I suspect many of you did too.

I just changed the hosting company, hopefully I get better results this time.      I want to be focusing on great Delphi content and not focusing on server issues.


  1. I am hosting my blog myself on my virtual VMWare machine. It is just a debian with apache and wordpress (I also have SVN and other private stuff there). I have no problems whatsoever and its been years since it was put up. Also the WordPress with all the plugins is working flawlessly, so that is a poor excuse from their side. Just be sure you are using supercache or some other caching sheme for wordpress.

  2. That’s good, at least this new host does not have the silly policy of banning visitors from certain countries on its own!

    Thank you for the great Delphi related content you provide, and also for changing the host!


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