New Host

Although I should have realized this, sometimes you just make mistakes!


They had a cheap unlimited hosting and since this  site is hosting video downloads I realized I needed good bandwidth.

But it was traded poor performance on the server, and very poor support that just point the finger back at me.

After disabling all of the wordpress plug-ins that they said could be causing the problem, I still would see PHP errors about  80% of the time when I visited this site.   I suspect many of you did too.

I just changed the hosting company, hopefully I get better results this time.      I want to be focusing on great Delphi content and not focusing on server issues.

Parallel programming with OmniThreadLibrary – Encoding Problems

I am struggling getting the recording of the Parallel programming with OmniThreadLibrary published.   The session was fantastic and I am very grateful for Primoz for putting it together.

I recorded it on two machines and the original WMV files are good, but edit out 15 minutes of setup time  at the beginning and re-encode it to an MP4 for progressive download.    I have run into sizing problems and loss of sound.

I finally have an MP4 that makes you think your watching on an IPOD when you have 1280 x 1024 screen.

I am going to keep playing with the editing and re-encoding using some new software to see if I can’t get something better.

I had been editing and producing the videos using  Camtasia bug ran into a bug where I had to use Microsoft Media encoder to re-encode the file once before it could be edited in Camtasia.

In the mean time if you really want to see the content here is the video, but beware it’s really small 🙁


After a successful first meeting experiment on April 20th, 2010.   This website has been setup to be the central point of broadcast storage and notices of meetings.


  • Call for Papers Link – If your interested in presenting to a world-wide audience of Delphi Developers let us know!
  • If your interested in helping in other way please email – rlove at peakbiz dot com
  • Automatically posts links to Twitter as user VirtualDUG
  • Three Categories have been setup to make posts as they grow easy to find.
  • Hopefully enough Bandwidth & Disk Space to store videos for years to come.